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Caring for your flag

This Protocol advice applies to the Australian Flag & State Flags, and would also apply to most commonwealth countrys.

Your Quality Australian made Flag is manufactured from 100% woven polyester defense force bunting material. What you hold is the best Australian made fabric available, to ensure the longest possible working life we urge you to read and observe the tips below.

Protocol demands that Flags should not be flown over night unless floodlit. Also if flown 24 hrs a day they will not last as long as a flag flown from sunrise to sunset.

To increase your flag life you should wash it approximately every 3 months in a normal household detergent. (you will need to wrap a sock around metal clips, this will prevent washing machine damage) Also check for any obvious areas where stitching may come apart, Repair if necessary, Foxcraft offersa complete repair service.

Flags must fly free of any obstruction. If a flag is hitting a roof, trees, the side of a building or any other object, irreparable damage can be done to the flag cloth.Choose the right size flag for your pole. Flags flown on poles which are not large enough for the flag, may damage the flag, the pole or both of them, also It is most important to always hoist flag to the very top of pole, and securing as closely to the top of pole as possible.

Foxflags offers comprehensive services which include a wash and repair service, General Flag information, Flag Etiquette and Protocol advice etc.

Foxflags has a long and proud history in major projects and protocol intensive events. We take great pride in our achievements over the 26 years we have been in operation.