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Carrying the flag

When marching – Carry the National flag on the right in any procession or parade. If there are many other flags, carry the National flag in the front center position.

If you are carrying a flag – Hold the flag at a slight angle from your body. You can also carry it with one hand and rest it on your right shoulder.


Australian flag protocol allows any private citizen and/or organizations to fly the national flag at half mast at their own discretion. * IE: (sept 11, 2001) It is therefore permitted to fly the national flag at half mast as a sign of mourning and sympathy with the American people.

The flags of other nations should not be flown at half mast (unless they too have declared national mourning) and should not be flown at full mast alongside flags at half mast and so should be removed.

Any house flags or other lesser flags on the same stand of flags should either be flown at half mast or removed.

“Half mast” shouldn’t be taken literally. The normal position is about one-third of the way down the pole, with at least one flag width clear above the flag. To correctly “Half mast” a flag you should hoist the flag to the top of the pole and lower it to the two thirds point.

Upside down

An upside-down flag is considered a distress signal.